Made in USA

The innovative display board and coated Royal Brites paper products made for home, school and office use include four major product lines: Poster Board, Foam Board, Project Board, Photo Paper. Well known for its patented Two Cool Colors™ concept, Royal Brites® Poster Board is a coated 12 pt. paper board, with a different color on each side. The colors palette contains five fluorescent neon colors: Neon Red, Orange, Canary, Yellow and Green; Metallic Gold and Silver and many Primary colors and combinations. The special coating of Royal Brites boards distinguishes it from the competitors’ product. Its bright colors, UV resistance (color durability under sunny conditions), water resistance (the ink or paint does not run) and excellent pencil and ink receptivity are the main key advantages. All Royal Brites Display board can be customized for free with Iclicknprint E-Z Print. Royal Brites Photo Papers, Brochure and Matte C2S Photo Paper are Premium paper products that work great with both inkjet and laser printers. Glossy and High Gloss Photo Paper come in various grades and sizes and are great with all major inkjet printers. Royal Brites Photo Paper can be customized for free with Iclicknprint E-Z Print.


Made in USA

Royal Lace® Doilies have been manufactured in the USA since the 1920’s. The very special and elegant doilies use exclusive artisan-designed steel-dies that replicate unique royal lace patterns, genuine antique lace that can be seen today in the European museums. Royal Lace can make a table look quite royal with minimum expenditure. Other Royal Lace products include baking cups and shelf paper.

Geographics Certificates and Designer Stationery

Designer Stationery

Geographics®, Where Creativity Begins… GeoPaper®, More Than Words Can Say… Founded in 1974, Geographics became the innovator and leader in high-quality designer stationery for desktop publishing with the GeoPaper® brand. Geographics Stationery and Awards and Recognition products serve business, school and home market needs being a convenient and affordable way of communicating. Its increased value stands in the added services that allow customers to customize and print for free using Iclicknprint. A great “do-it-yourself” product, it is meant to grab attention and make a bold statement.

iclicknprint Design Center

Made in USA

IClicknPrint® is an online customization tool that allows customization of Geographics® stationery, certificates, diplomas and awards and Royal Brites® display board and photo paper Geographics and Royal Brites products are manufactured and distributed by Royal Consumer Products, LLC, a Mafcote Affiliate. Great for home school and business projects that use Geographics and Royal Brites paper products the IClicknPrint® solution was created to save customers time and money. Customers can control the design process, using their creativity while taking advantage of the pre-set templates, clip art, suggested wording, shapes and lines, etc...